Peterbilt Deale Enhances the Value of a Truck Purchase

Peterbilt deale has a long history of partnering with truck dealerships. These relationships are based on a strong understanding of the truck industry and the specific needs of dealerships, customers and their fleets. These partnerships also allow Peterbilt to provide the latest technology to increase safety and uptime in the field, which enhances the value of a truck purchase.

Peterbilt trucks have a long list of standard and available features that improve performance and uptime, including SmartLINQ ™ and SmartNav ™ infotainment systems. Combined, these technologies offer up to 750 engine and emissions parameters that can be monitored 24/7. These systems also provide road and vehicle monitoring, enabling drivers to make informed decisions about their route.

The industry-leading cab design is what sets PACCAR’s peterbilt dealer near me and Kenworth models apart from other heavy duty trucks. The cab is built with strong, quality materials that provide the optimum seal to keep water and debris from entering the interior. It also includes the best insulation and routing in the industry, which helps prevent damage from vibration or pounding.

Another aspect of the cab design is its use of lightweight aluminum, which allows for a larger interior space. This is a feature that enables the cab to be more compact and efficient for hauling heavy loads.

These cab designs are the result of years of research and development that has helped ensure that a Peterbilt cab is as tough as it looks. This is an especially important feature when carrying heavy loads and in rough, rugged conditions.

Many of these cab designs also incorporate a telescoping rearview mirror that extends from the rear of the cab. This allows for more comfortable viewing of the road ahead and can help to reduce fatigue.

All of these cab features are designed to help drivers be safer on the road and more productive while driving. This is especially true with the Collision Mitigation Technology on many Peterbilt vehicles.

Lastly, all of these cab features are designed to be more efficient and reduce fuel consumption. For example, many of these cabs are equipped with LED lighting that uses less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. This results in improved visibility and lower operating costs for drivers.

In addition, most cabs are equipped with an integrated InfraRed heater that helps keep the lenses clear in bad weather. This means that the driver can focus on the task at hand without having to worry about being blinded by rain or snow.

Aside from these cab designs, Peterbilt has also made numerous technological advancements that have significantly improved the uptime of their trucks. For example, the cabs of their heavy-duty models feature LED lighting that uses less power than traditional incandescent lamps. This means that the cabs can be operated for longer periods of time with less battery usage.

These cab designs are also known for their oversized bumpers, which are positioned to better protect the rear of the truck. These bumpers have been tested to withstand up to 500,000 miles.