What to Look For in Child Waterproof Mitts

When your little one is out on a snowy adventure, it’s crucial that they’re comfortable. And a good pair of child waterproof mitts is essential to help them stay warm and dry.

The best child waterproof mittens will keep your kids’ hands toasty warm while still being easy to put on and take off. There are a few different things to look for when choosing the right mittens, including:

Mittens vs Gloves: Which will be warmer?

Mittens tend to trap heat better and are easier for young kids to slip on, but they can be less flexible than gloves. This is especially true if your child has small hands, so it’s a key consideration when choosing the best mittens for your toddler or small child.

They should also be made of a material that’s easily wipeable when your child has a runny nose.

Not only are they cute, but these mittens are actually pretty good quality and will last for quite a while. They’re waterproof and feature a breathable liner that helps to keep hands warm and dry while they’re wearing them.

A really great cinch on the wrist rain mitts makes them quick and easy to pull on and take off. They’re also really long and extend down to the base of the knuckles, so they’ll keep your kiddos’ arms warm while they’re playing outside.

They’re available in several different sizes to ensure they fit every kiddo. They also have a long cuff that will help to prevent the snow from coming in, even when your child’s coat cuffs are up.

Unlike most other child waterproof mittens, these are made of a material that’s actually very soft and flexible. This means they’re not as likely to fall off small hands and fingers and are a better choice for a variety of outdoor activities.

These are a very affordable option that’s available in a wide range of colors and comes with an adjustable wrist strap. They’re not quite as waterproof or long-lasting as some other options, but they’re still a great option for a cold winter day or to use with a wool coat.

There’s an additional layer of fleece that goes over the mitten to create a barrier against the elements, so they’re not only good for keeping cold air out, but also helping to keep your child’s hands warm.

They are also a lot warmer than most other mittens on the market and come in a range of cute patterns and colors.

For those with more active kiddos, they also make a glove version that can be worn over a glove for an extra layer of warmth.

These are a bit heavier than the Reima options but are definitely more durable and have an excellent grip. They’re also machine-washable, which is a big plus if your little ones like to have dirty hands in the outdoors.