Kitchen Islands

The Function of Kitchen Island Tables

kitchen island tableSome of the houses have kitchen island tables. They are useful and interesting in some ways. They can be sold in store or can be constructed by a professional builder depending on the designs you choose or you want them to be. They come in different designs and ideas. These can highlight your kitchen.

Setting a Function of your Kitchen Island Table

Before you buy or construct a kitchen island table, you have to set the function of your kitchen island table. This includes the incorporation of the design of your kitchen island table with the design of your kitchen. First, you have to decide the use of your kitchen island table. The function of the kitchen island table may be for preparing, serving, for bonding, or for aesthetic purpose.

If the kitchen island table is used for preparing, you must have a table that is durable. Probably the table top is made of harder materials. You might opt for a butcher block, stainless steel, a granite, or a combination of both. You may have a cabinet and shelving under the table top or counter top for a better use for preparing.

You may also use the kitchen island table for serving and bonding. In this case, you have to consider the comfort of your family or guests in regards to the height of your chairs that must fit and in proportion to the height of your table. The design of your chairs must be comfortable for sitting too. And the sizes of your table must be large enough for the capacity of your family or guests. In this way bonding is very comfortable and relaxing too.

Another use of the kitchen island table is for aesthetic or decoration purpose. Kitchen island table will really catch a glimpse when it has a good style and design that goes with the design of your kitchen. It is attractive in a sense. Some of the kitchen island table designs include classic design wherein you can have a hanging lamp over the kitchen island table incorporated with the classic designs of chairs and tables. You may also opt for antique style wherein chairs and tables are made of antique wood. Some kitchen table ideas may include a rack of wine or have a mini bar. The rack of wine is placed below the island table. You may also opt for contemporary design wherein the tables and chairs are innovative and stylish. These are probably made of stainless steel or a granite counter top or a glass top kitchen table. This would be a modern kitchen island table setting.

Things you have to consider in setting your Kitchen Island Table

In setting or constructing your kitchen island table first you have to consider the space available and the layout of your kitchen. The kitchen island table must be in proportion to the measurement of your kitchen. In this way, your kitchen island table becomes functional and aesthetic as well.

Next thing you have to consider is the design or style of your kitchen island table. It is very important that you have to incorporate it with the design of your kitchen. And of course, the budget. The cost must not go beyond the budget that you have so it will not affect the design of your kitchen island table.


Mobility in a Movable Kitchen Island

portable kitchen islandIn many household across the nation, the concepts of family dining has been reserved for Sundays or special occasions, if at all. Houses are still built with a designated dining room, however, often times a family will place a table and chairs in that space but it is rarely used.

The movable kitchen island has become the new place do dine. This is especially true for the smaller family or individual home owner. In the 21st Century life is faster paced and people are always on the go. An eat-in kitchen is more practical for this type of lifestyle.

Faster Lifestyle Means Faster Meals

Almost every new house built in the 1950’s had a separation between the kitchen, the living room, and the dining room. Meals were not eaten in the kitchen, but in the dining room. Also, the kitchen was used for cooking and was not used as a family space. These kitchens were purposely smaller in design to enforce the tradition of family dinners.

Fifty years later, the kitchen has be revolutionized and transformed into a room that serves several purposes. Many kitchens are now more special and versatile to accommodate the family on the go. There is ample counter top surface space and cabinet storage available for all the newest kitchen gadgets. The concept of the breakfast bar or a movable kitchen island has eliminated the need for the dining room table.

Meals on Wheels

Kitchen islands can either be installed into the kitchen or purchased on movable casters. A kitchen island on wheels will be a great addition to any home. If you entertain house guests often or have large family gatherings, you will appreciate the mobility of an island on wheels.

For example, the island can be pushed to one side of the kitchen to give guests ample room to move about the house. It can then be used to serve food on if you are having a buffet style dinner. Also, you could push the kitchen island out onto the deck and use it as a bar during a pool party.

Big and Better Kitchen Appliances

With years of advancing technology, there are dozens of kitchen appliances and gadgets that were not even invented yet in the 1950’s. The kitchen had to be re-innovated with more cabinet and counter-top space to give a home to every item in the kitchen from the serving platter to the juicer.

Sometimes, additional storage space is required and a kitchen island would solve all your troubles. A kitchen island can serve many purposes. They usually are built will drawers or cabinets on one side and the other side is reserved for eating. Before dining, the entire island surface offers ample space for meal preparation.

A movable kitchen island would be a great addition to anyone’s home. It will serve so many different functions for your family and can be moved out of the way with little effort. If you have children, they can even do their homework at the Kitchen Island or arts and crafts with the easy to clean surface.

Butcher Block Countertops

butcher block countertopButcher block countertops were invented due to the need to have a sanitary and safe place for cutting meat. Before the advance of 1881, butchers used to cut meat on tree rounds which were supported by wooden legs. These tree rounds would occasionally splint and crack making them a good breeding place for bacteria. This led to invention of butcher block countertop by Michigan maple Block Company. Today, butcher block counter tops have become a functional kitchen item which is also aesthetically appealing.

The normal size of popular butcher block countertops is twenty five, thirty, or thirty six inches in term of depth. Most of them are with a thickness of one and a half inches. Counter-tops vary widely in length but the standard ones ranges between 12 to 144 inches. Note that you can approach a manufacture and request him or her to cut your counter-top to suit your particular need. However, standard models are more economical.


One of the most popular and recent way to finish wooden butcher block countertops is to use Durakryl 102. This product is ideal since it is water repellant, non toxic and tolerant to common household chemicals. Note that mineral oil used to be the most popular finish for most wooden butcher block countertops in earlier days


If your butcher block countertop has a mineral oil finish, you should oil it at least once in a month to ensure they do not get dry. You should also sand any scratches and nicks on the surface of the counter top and then re-oil the counter top. Use warm water with mild soap to clean the countertop.

Butcher block countertops which have been finished using Durakryl 102 require minimal or no maintenance. Scrapes can easily be removed by gentle sanding and stains on the surface by watching with a breach solution. Note that we have a product known as good stuff which you may use to fill any unwanted mark on the surface of the butcher block countertops.

Now let us examine some of the benefits you will gain by using butcher block countertops.

Butcher block countertops are extremely versatile

You can get butcher block in a wide range of stains and colors. Natural variation in wood grains, depth and beauty further adds to their flexibility. You can be sure to obtain a butcher block counter-top of your choice. They also come in various sizes.

Sanitary concern

Butcher block countertops offer a sanitary material for counter-tops not withstanding what manufactures may try to convince you. The first use of butcher block countertops was in the 19th century when they slowly started replacing the unsanitary wooden block that were in use then.


Butcher block countertops bring a classic, timeless appearance to your kitchen. Moreover, their natural wooden look brings a warm feeling to your kitchen.


Manufacturers mostly use hardwoods to make butcher block countertops which makes them durable. This in addition, enables them to be used as cutting surface hence eliminating the need to purchase cutting boards.

Easy to clean

A simple watch using soap, warm water and a sponge is enough to clean and disinfect butcher block countertops. You need no special watching supplies. The only requirement for you to observe is to ensure you clean the surface as soon as possible after use.